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Digital Toner Based Printing

Are you looking for an Economical Solution for your printing project?

Are you looking for a Fast Solution for your printing project?

Look no further. Nikko Media’s digital print solutions have you covered. Our high speed, full color and black & white toner based machines are waiting for your next project. We deliver your time-sensitive materials when you need them – FAST!
The PROS of Digital toner based printing:

  • Incredibly fast! If you are working within a tight deadline and just have to get it done, digital printing could be your best option.
  • Less Costly. If you have a low quantity (less than 1000 pieces), digital printing is far more cost effective than traditional offset printing.
  • Greater Flexibility. Allows for frequent changes to your printed material if needed. Variable data is an option to consider.
  • In most cases, a printed proof you receive for approval can be output on your requested paper stock on the digital press your entire job will be printed on. So what you hold in your hands will be exactly recreated in the final print run.


The CONS of Digital toner based printing:

  • Unable to PMS Color Match. Despite digital printing constantly improving, they still can’t match exactly the color quality of a specified PMS color like that of a traditional offset printer. Digital printers use a four color process (CMYK) while traditional offset printers use the specific PMS inks to deliver color accuracy.
  • Cracking in the folds. Digital printer inks aren’t fully absorbed into the paper which means that cracks can appear in the color along the edges when the piece is folded. This typically isn’t a problem in traditional offset printing.
  • Somewhat fewer material options. Digital printing presses are quickly catching up to offset presses in terms of what they can and can’t print on, but they’re not there yet. Traditional offset presses still offer a wider range of paper, ink and finishing options.
  • More expensive in higher quantity print runs. While you may need a project fast, if you have a higher quantity (more than 1000 pieces), traditional offset pricing normally becomes more cost effective.

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