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Wide Format & Giclee Printing

Have a print made… large.

Giclée (jee-clay) is a French word meaning “to spray or to squirt ink” .
This method of printing was developed as a means for digital printing for fine art prints. Sometimes this type of printing is referred to as an “Iris Print” (after the original machine that produced the print). This technological advancement for Fine Art Printing has a resolution higher than the traditional 4-color offset or lithography printing.

Wide format printing is often used to create limited quantities of posters prints, signs, window display ads and trade show signage. At Nikko Media we can mount these prints to substrates such as: Foamcore, Gatorboard, and plastics like Coroplast or Sintra. All these substrates come in various, sizes and thickness. For extra protection a layer of lamination can be added. For display purposes, add an easel backer.

Marketing companies, trade show exhibitors, art museums, graphics designers and artists are common purchasers of these kind of products.

Many options are available so please call us at 206.343.0942 to discuss your next large format project.


Here are some examples of Wide Format media that we can produce for your next showing or display at your company or trade show.