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Sponsored Mini Posters

Sponsored Mini Posters are the answer for the savvy, cost conscious, customer who wants to take advantage of a discounted item. In exchange they agree to let Nikko Media advertise on their print pieces. Nikko knows that this needs to be a win-win situation, so we won’t take advantage of your print piece. We only want a small spot on the printed piece. Our requirement is as follows:
Nikkomedia logo along with our web address must be added to the print piece (on the front if applicable) and at least 5% in size to the print piece or the same size as other logos added whichever is greater.
The Nikkomedia logo must be printed in color, if the print piece is in color. The Nikkomedia logo must be printed in black & white, if the print piece is in grey-scale.

Call us for more information: 206.343.0942