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The Nikko Media sample kit includes examples of various products that we have manufactured. These samples will give you a good idea of the print quality you can expect when using our services.

Quality starts with the artwork, so we have included some items in the sample kit to help you as a graphic designer/ print buyer. These items will help you set up your files in order to insure you receive the highest quality product. Included are the following:

Our “Tips” sheet for how files should be sent to Nikko Media. Following these tips will increase the likely hood that your product will come out the way it was intended and will help the project move efficiently through the printing process without incurring additional expenses.

Also included is a UV coated, offset printed, CMYK color build chart and digital toner based color build chart, so you can see how colors are printed using color values.

In addition we have provided a company product brochure displaying different products and services Nikko Media has to offer.